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Jpeg editing

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First of all i now shoot always in RAW. however after doing your Layers and Mask class (which i am going through again as i just dont get masking properly yet) RAW editing and now Levels class, I still have some nice photos that i would love to tweak that are Jpeg

Anyway so tell me if i am right or wrong - i cant adjust noise or white balance of a Jpeg. If i can how?

Also to ensure that i am getting all of this stuff correct

RAW images 

Edit contrast / brightness, whitebalance and noise

Then into photoshop (elements) where i then can further edit using layers. Looking at levels first for contrast adjustments again and then any additional edits such as brightness, hue and saturation, photos filter, cloning etc

Jpeg Images

Just photoshop (elements) using layers to adjust levels, contrast and brightness and any additional types of editing such as brightness, hue and saturation, photos filter, cloning etc 

Also what is the next class you recommend i do?

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@Damien Symonds I've been wondering if I could open jpegs in ACR. Found this. Which took me to this article https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/05/jpegs-in-acr.html

But I don't have bridge and I've been trying to download it from Adobe's site for 4 days and in 3 browsers and it just isn't happening. Is there another way to open a jpeg in ACR that doesn't involve Bridge? Because I am 1000% fed up with Bridge already and I've never even used it ?

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