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Hi Damien, I understand why you restrict the playgroup to your premium members who are in the Raw, Levels and Skin classes, but is there a chance you might open it up to members who have done those classes after one of the single class membership term runs out, so long as they are currently in at least one or two of your other classes?  

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Dear Damien, I do very much value your classes, spruik them to anyone who will listen and have in fact requested a one-off, full access annual payment in the past at which you told me would be too much for me to afford. Therefore I continue to re-enrol in classes that I feel I get value from and not in classes I rarely accessed because I feel confident enough in those areas. I rarely have time to play in the playgroup, but when it opened I posted a few times and enjoyed seeing what others would do and like to share that support back to other members when I can, like now when I am on holiday, but jees Im not looking for a fight over it.

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