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Hey Damien,

First of all want to say that your classes have changed my editing life and I still have so much to re-read, practice, and learn. 

I took the RAW, layers and masks, and levels class. My editing just seems to be missing the wow factor... I play and play and play and can't seem to be satisfied. I do have a lot left to learn in camera as far as achieving perfect exposure, but I feel that I can still do so much more in post processing. I'm applying the quick mask and editing particular areas of the photo like you taught in levels. That gives my photos a good extra punch, but like I said, I want more. I'm trying to mess around artistically, but I can't seem to get it right. 

Should I get into Levels deluxe? Will this help me significantly? Or should I post in the area where you help achieve a certain look?

Just looking for the next step to step up my game.


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