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Getting Bridge

As I just said, if you have an older version of Photoshop (up to CS6) Bridge was included on the installation disk. If for some reason you didn’t install it at the time, grab the disk and install it now.

If you have Photoshop CC, go to the Creative Cloud dashboard to install Bridge if you haven’t already:


And if you have Photoshop Elements, you can download Bridge from this page. Installation will require you to create an Adobe ID, or sign in with your existing Adobe ID which most of us already have. It’s a very straightforward process.


The “Download” button on the website gives you a small installation file:


Once you’ve downloaded and run that file, it will prompt you to load the main file:


This will bring you to the “Sign in or Sign up” stage:


It’s quite straightforward to sign up for an Adobe ID if you’ve never done it before:


Then you’ll be ready to start installing:


It’s a big program! The installation will take a while, depending on your computer and internet speed:


Then Bridge is installed, and ready to go!


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Hi Damien, I have reached the end of the Bridge classe and I am stoked! I guess it's because I didn't spend enough time on it before. Time for a hobby, for myself, is quite a problem, in the sense that I love photography so much that it would be the only thing I'd be doing, but like most of us, there is a living or a life to cope with. Your classe was an eye opener and you made it a breeze!  In the back of my mind I have this concern that i'm building a skill and setting up profiles using adobe programs that have a cost, a rent that can increase and perhaps in the future I won't be able to maintain. Isn't there a way we can purchase these programs from Adobe? 

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I am trying to download Bridge per your link above for Elements users. I cant seem to get past the CC app download issue.  If I select REPAIR it says it can not repair it, if I select CANCEL it takes me back to the bridge download page.  I've tried twice.  Am I missing a step?  I only have my browser and PSE9 open. 

cc app.JPG

cc app2.JPG

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