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The preset workspaces are almost always missing the Metadata panel, which is annoying.  No problem, it's easy to add it.  Just select it in the Window menu ...


... and it will appear somewhere on your screen, but often not where you want it!

Again, no problem.  Just grab it by its title, and drag and drop it into the blank space at the top of the space where you do want it to go:



I don’t need Collections, so I right-click on that tab and choose to close it:

closecoll.png.2b913ae58a8ab689581a9205c08d4702.png  temp.png.f8d2d523277c0a571e386ca310a00da8.png

Note: Resetting

While you’re playing around with this stuff, you might feel that you’ve messed up. That’s no trouble, just go to the Window menu and reset the workspace:

temp3.thumb.png.4ad2edb82cdc58c65340066b319ad5b9.png  Workspace7.thumb.png.bc9cb1cd3a4d67917b2181cca3d7d640.png

Then you can start tweaking again, until everything is rosy.

Saving it >>

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**Disregard, I Found the answer!! The arrow next to the "sort by" changes the order from ascending/descending. 
In my explorer folder, the photos are listed from oldest to newest (first photo taken at the top to last photo taken at the bottom) so it's easy to start at the beginning of the session by clicking on the first image in the folder and move forward to the last.

When I view the photos in Bridge It's reversed no matter which panel I choose for thumbnail view. I can't find a way to reverse the order so I have to scroll down to the bottom and view each photo from the bottom up so they're viewed in the order they were taken. Is there a way to reverse the order??

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