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Saving your own workspace

When everything is where you want it, save it for yourself. Go to the Window menu and choose "Save as New Workspace" (or just “New Workspace” in older versions):

temp.thumb.png.9d062f8569b993a5cc83f10400bc5a66.png  saveworkspace.thumb.png.6142f74aeedfc650f7cb73a2c2016c5f.png

Then name it for your purposes:


Then it will appear at the top of your screen:


This way, you can switch to other workspaces if you need them, then easily switch back to your own.

Watch me set up a workspace >>

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I accidently clicked I believe review mode under refine, and I am not sure if it actually changed anything. Does this look normal in regard to the filtering etcera? Just want to make sure.



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