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I have finally changed all my light bulbs to the correct ones and now calibrated my screen. 

On screen I am seeing the hotspot/pink, and then green/yellow around. (Hope I'm describing well). When I send the image to my phone I don't see it like that - it looks smooth. 

I have attached a pic of screen so u can see what  I'm seeing and then the actuall image saved onto my phone. 

Please can u advise - I can not continue editing like this because it makes me think the face is green when it's not. 





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I’ve not been comparing now - I’ve just started editing again since I set my computer up in my new place and this was bothering me terribly. 

I wonder if I need to lower the greens ? When I calibrated I got all the green lines with a tick , but should I now go to the custom rgb n lower the greens? 

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I’m so confused! 

I did originally - printed pics n compared n they looked fine. Now when editing some new ones something is weird. 

Now im thinking maybe it’s my camera or the room iL taking pics in that they’re coming out weird. Haven’t printed any new pics yet! 

I am going to do that tomo n see from them n get back to u!!! 

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