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Lab Printing-Newborn

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Hi Damien,  

I use a Spyder Elite to calibrate monthly, compare against my test shots and all is perfect (even on my new computer I purchased at the beginning of the new year).  I submitted a print order last week and my client said that the prints are dark and orange.  Obviously, its not how the photos were edited.  I contacted the lab and they went through making sure settings were right.  The only difference was in the color settings it didn't save the settings to North American 2 but it was custom.  Would this be the reason for the orange prints?  I went to go into ROES (lab print ordering software) and noticed that the photos have an orange tint but when opened in PS they don't).  

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Yep, I double checked bridge and the document profile.  Both are sRGB.  I also want to add I was checking other sessions edited around the same time.  They load into ROES without any orange tint and match the edit in PS.  I hadn't recalibrated in between or changed any settings between those sessions.  

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