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This guys Greens?!?

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I love how this guy does his greens, and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to do this.  His site does not allow you to link to specific pics...but the first image in his portfolio is a great example.  I have seen some of his SOOC images in a another closed group...I know copying and posting them here would be a no, no.  So I will just mention a few things in case the info is helpful:  he is all natural light, the first image is with the canon 135 2.0, seems to always underexpose his images... http://www.stevethomas-jonesphotography.com/portfolio/

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Mainly his work is characterised by bad white balance.  I'm pleased that you know better.

However, it's easy enough to mimic.  Start by adding Photo Filter layer, choose Cooling Filter 82, at about 10% density, and with the "Preserve Luminosity" box UNchecked.

(For heaven's sake make sure you check that box again next time you use a filter for cast correction purposes.)

That will do most of the work.  Then to your taste, you can add a Hue/Sat layer, choose "Greens", and play with the sliders.  In most cases the Hue and Saturation sliders will go to the right, and Lightness to the left.

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