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Tutorial: The “Scanner” app for Windows

In this micro-class I’ll show you how the “Scanner” program can be super-helpful when cleaning up your computer. I’ve been using it since 2003, and I love it.

Please feel free to comment beneath each slide if you need help or further information:


When you post a question I’ll receive a notification, and I’ll answer you as promptly as I can.

The importance of housekeeping

For your computer to run quickly and reliably, it’s vital to have plenty of free space on your hard drives, especially your C: drive where Windows is located. Many of your programs use that free space while they’re running, and if they can’t find any, they slow down. The fuller your computer gets, the greater the risk of crashes, corruption, and general misbehaviour.

Our resident computer expert Brian usually recommends that you keep at least one third of your main hard drive empty at all times. This isn’t always easy, because as computers age they seem to get clogged up, don’t they? This tutorial aims to help you with this issue; and remember to post in Ask Brian if you are having any computer problems.

Getting the app >>

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Thanks Damo, that was interesting. I have two drives. My C: (SSD) has Windows and other programs installed on it. My I: (HDD) is where my PS cache and photos (until archived) live (this drive is also mirrored to an identical HDD).

I manage I: manually easily, through archiving photos, which take up the vast majority of space.

Do you think it would still be beneficial to run Scanner? Or just C Clean? 

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10 hours ago, Kim said:

Do you think it would still be beneficial to run Scanner? Or just C Clean? 

Please don't think they're an either/or.  They serve COMPLETELY different purposes.

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