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When you right-click on any folder, you get a little menu of options:


  • “Hide” literally hides a folder’s contents from the map. Not very useful, except that it can allow the rest of the map to be larger on screen sometimes. Right-click again to “Show” later.
  • “Zoom” is the same as single clicking on a folder. Don’t know why this option is included.
  • “Rescan” is the same as the button on the right-hand side of the window.
  • “Open” is VERY useful. It opens the folder in Windows, if you’d like to examine its contents there. More about this soon.
  • “Recycle” sends the whole folder to the Recycle Bin, ready for you to trash it.
  • “Remove” bypasses the Recycle Bin and just deletes the folder. Needless to say, be very careful with this option.

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