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Spyder 3 Pro

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Is it feasible to continue to use my Spyder 3 Pro to calibrate? I just bought two new IPS monitors and was excited that they should be easier to calibrate, (as Damien and I had a hell of a time with my previous Samsung) but after checking Spyder's website for the drivers it appears that they don't list them for the Spyder 3 Pro. I know it's rather dated but I also photograph strictly as a hobby, so purchasing a new one isn't a business investment so much as an unexpected expense.

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I guess that's a good answer for a stupid question. >_< I found the software and drivers online. They aren't listed on the main page but when I specifically searched, they were available. Now I don't have my activation code, so I'm waiting for help from the Data Color support team. I also realized I have the Elite, not the pro, which I remember being a slightly better device? I'll come back with questions if I ever get it installed and activated!

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