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Marquee tool with rotated image

Kim Howells

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Hi Damo.  I have placed a few images, and rotated them using the "handles".  I now want to select a portion of an image, to "trim" the top and bottom of the photo.  I would usually use the marquee tool, and apply a layer mask.  But as the image has been rotated, I can no longer do this.  Is there a way around it somehow?

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Sorry, I wasn't very clear.  Here is the image.



Once I had rotated some of the individual images, I wanted to crop some of the images, eg crop in tighter.  Is there a way to do this when it has already been rotated?

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The nature of your question indicates that you didn't use the Shape Tool to make vector clipping masks the way you should have?


If you had done so, you'd simply Ctrl T the shape layer and change its size/shape to your heart's content.

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