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Adobe issues, new computer

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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I have read 'Help my raw files won't open' and that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that until I moved to a new computer a week ago, I could open all the raw files, but now I can't.

So there is something lost in translation between the two computers - do you have any idea what that missing thing might be so that I can get going again?

I noted your comment about using the DNG converter as a last resort - is there a downside to that? Does it make any difference to the image? Should I be concerned about that if I can't get it sorted any other way?

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Yes - that's the next thing. Get a message saying Adobe servers are down. Is this a frequent occurrence, and likely to rectify itself, thereby fixing my problem when it allows an update?

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I finally got it - after much anguish and hair pulling. So then I had a glass of wine.

In case someone else has problems I had to update Adobe Application Manager before I could do anything.

So, flushed with victory, I decided to also fix my husband's. He uses CS4 and after updating AAM, I discovered Bridge Home has been put to the sword so had to download the new Bridge. And that works too.  Now I have exhausted so much mental energy I've had enough for one evening!

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