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Calibration Frustration

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:( Why oh why is my calibration not matching my prints. Please can you help?

Scenario: Followed all Damien's advice for Spyder5Pro to calibrate an iMac Late 2015 model 5k Retina display. Test prints were supplied by a top pro lab and i also applied their ICC profile in PS to check the calibration against the print...my screen is warmer than the print! It appears to have a magenta hue to it. Skin tones look lovely on screen but pale and washed out on print. Any grey,beige & taupe items on screen look pinker. I have tried re-calibrating in a dark room and in a natural daylight room and in a room with the light left on (a 5000k daylight tube light)...nothing gets rid of this magenta hue! I've even tried letting the device  read the ambient light and it advised to set 5000k and 90 brightness, which i did but no...still no match! I've also tried to match the print in every lighting scenario possible but no result!

Please can anyone help as this is really holding me back...:/




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Hi, I followed the instructions 110%, the colorspace is sRGB and I only use the ICC profile to compare uncorrected prints to my screen post calibration. Please can you offer assistance...this is driving me crazy and costing me in prints! I just ordered another up to date set of images after calibrating again and the images are just awful....very pale and cool compared to on screen. This is not good when it comes to newborn photography! Feeling desperate here!

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Yes no problem Samantha. After calibration  is completed, I go into PS and apply my lab's ICC profile to soft proof an image which i then compare to the supposedly matching print from the lab to see if the calibration has helped me get a better match to my lab's prints. 

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4 hours ago, Lady Photog said:

my prints are now slightly cooler especially in skin tones than on the screen

No, Lady Photog, you have to stop saying it like this.  Your mindset is all wrong.

Your prints aren't cooler than your screen.  Your prints are what they are.  They are set in stone.

What you mean is that your screen is warmer than your prints.

8 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

Can you post a couple of the images here?  The actual jpeg files you sent to the lab.

Please do this.

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