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How to navigate this site

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Welcome to this site -  a place where you can ask questions about image editing, and learn from other people's questions as well.

Here are some tips to help you find your way around.  


The sections are:

  • Ask Damien - for questions and problems related to image editing (Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom etc)
  • Ask Brian - for questions about computers and camera gear
  • Classes - only visible to students who have been admitted to classes
  • Contact - to send a message to Damien and the team.


Guest vs member access:  As a guest, you can view the majority of site content, but some areas will not be visible and you will not be able to ask a question.  You will also need membership to access classes on this site.  Membership is free.  An overview on the sign up process can be found here.

About the site

This is a Question & Answer website, where you can get one-on-one help with your image editing questions from Damien and his team.  

In most of the sections, you can post new questions, which will be answered by Damien or the team.  Please feel free to read everybody else's threads, and reply if you have a directly related question; but if the thread triggers a different question in your mind, please start your own thread.

How to do specific tasks

Click on the links below to jump straight to further information on the topic.  If you have a question not covered below, please reply to the Site functionality questions post.

Looking around:

On a mobile device:

On a computer:

Your member profile  / details:

Keeping up with activity:

Posting a question / creating a topic:


  • Enlarging an image in a post:  Simply click or tap the image once and a larger version fills your screen.  Click the X in the top right to close the enlarged view.  This applies to all the images posted on threads, including the screenshots in this thread.
  • Share a post (eg in an email or on Facebook)
  • Signatures: These are not enabled by design, to make it easier to view content on computer screens and mobile devices.
  • Private messaging:  This is not enabled, but if you need to contact Damien and the team, you can create a post in the Contact section.  

If you have a question about how to use this site that has not been covered on this thread, please ask your question here.

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Viewing the site on your computer

Home:  The home page shows each of the sections and topic areas.  To find your way back to his page at any time, either click on Home in the top left corner, or click on the "ask a question" icon in the top centre of the screen.


Breadcrumb:  As you visit the various sections to view posts, you can see where you are in the site by looking at the "breadcrumb" in the top left of the screen that looks like this:


In the above example, the section is "Ask Damien", the topic area is "Help with Editing" and the post/thread is named "Neck Liquify or dodge or both".  These are all hyperlinks, so if you want to go back to the Help with Editing area, click it in the breadcrumb.  Likewise, if you want to return to the Ask Damien section, click on that.  To go back to the main page to see all sections and areas, click on Home.

Scroll up button:  As you scroll down the page, you will see a white up arrow in a circle in the bottom right of your screen.  Click this to jump up to the top of the page.


Previewing a post: when browsing on a computer, hover your mouse over any post title and you will see a popup box containing a preview of the post content.  If it's a long post, you will see a scroll bar on the right of the box and you can use your mouse to scroll through the whole thread without actually opening it.   This makes it easier to identify the posts you are interested in.



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Viewing the site on your mobile device

Breadcrumb:  In a portrait orientation, there is no breadcrumb viewable, but if you turn your device sideways into a landscape orientation, you should see it in the top left corner.  Use the breadcrumb to quickly navigate back to a particular area of the site.

Site menu: You will see a menu icon (with 3 stripes) in the top right corner.  (If you can't see this icon, it could be because you are holding your device in a landscape orientation.  Rotate your device so it is in a portrait orientation and you will see it). 

There are a number of options available to you via the menu icon:

IMG_0171.thumb.PNG.5be953604077e021a0003       IMG_0172.thumb.PNG.7b748db1d177f2c34bb84


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Setting up a home screen icon on your mobile device

This makes the website appear as an app icon and it means you don't need to type the address into your mobile web browser.  It makes it a lot quicker and easier to access the site.

On an Apple device, open the site on Safari and click on the square & arrow box, and then scroll until you find the Add to Home Screen option.  

IMG_0170.thumb.PNG.0502dd271796792a092ba  IMG_0169.thumb.PNG.bd545b23de4d5eb3f85ee


On an Android device: open the site, go into options and add a shortcut to your home page.  



On a Windows mobile device, open the site, click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner, and then select Add to Favourites:

wp_ss_20160129_0001.thumb.jpg.e6932a9972  wp_ss_20160129_0002.thumb.jpg.0d190ee26e

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Adding a profile photo

The profile photo is the small round photo next to your member name in the top right corner of your screen.  It will not show on your individual posts.  This is so the posts are not unduly lengthy, and easier to scroll through.  Your profile photo is visible  on the Unread Content activity views.  It is also visible if somebody views your member profile.

To set up a profile photo, go to your member area.  The quick way to do this (on a computer) is to just click on your profile photo circle next to your member name in the top right.  The longer way is to click on your member name and then select Profile:  


In your member profile area, you can add a profile photo by clicking on the image icon shown below.  Repeat this process if you decide to change your profile photo later on.


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Adding a cover photo to your member profile

If you want to, you can change the cover photo/banner behind your profile photo.  Note that other people will only see your cover photo if they choose to visit your member profile, or if they hover their mouse over your name on a post.  If you don't choose one, it will remain as a black rectangle banner behind your profile pic (if you have chosen to have a profile pic).

First, visit your member profile area by clicking on your member name in the top right corner and then selecting Profile.


Then click on Cover Photo in the top right corner of your member profile and select Upload Photo.  


Select a photo to upload.  The file size limit for a cover photo is 500kb (.5 megabyte), so use a web res version of your image so it is small enough.  Click Save.


On the next screen you will see your photo as a cover photo and can move it around to reposition it and then click Save.

Updating or deleting your cover photo:  Go back to your profile.


Click on Cover Photo and the following options are available:


Remove Photo will take you back to the default black rectangle instead of an image.  Reposition Photo lets you move the current image around and Upload Photo lets you add a different photo.

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Searching the site on a mobile device

Open the website (via a home screen icon is quickest!) and click on the magnifying glass.  


Next you tap in the search box (point 1 below).  Enter your keyword/s (point 2) and then click the the magnifying glass (point 3).  In this example, I wanted to check if there are some posts about changing or replacing the sky in a photo, so I searched for "sky".

56abdf44d8318_Search1a.thumb.jpg.5fed347  56abdf4790640_Searchterm.thumb.jpg.b859f  56abe0a3659e8_Search3.thumb.jpg.0b9ea2dd  

Scroll down a little and you will see the results.  If you find a relevant result, click on the post title and it will open up the post.  If you don't find what you are looking for, try a more general keyword, or go to the appropriate section and ask a question!



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Searching the site on a computer

To search the site, use the search bar in the top right corner.  Click once in the search box and enter the key word, then click the magnifying glass for the results.  The default option is to search "All Content" but you can specifically search in Topics or Members if you wish by using the drop down arrow next to All Content:


Advanced search:  click on the All Content drop down box next to the search bar and select Advanced Search.  You will have options such as selecting a particular date range or to search topic titles only.



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How to change your email address or password

You can do this via accessing your account settings.  Click on your profile name in the top right, and select Account settings.  From there you can make any changes.  Only you and administrators can see your details.  Your password is not visible.  



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How to change your computer software or equipment details

Your computer/software/calibrator information provided upon sign-up as a member is very important to help Damien and his team answer your questions and it appears on all of your posts automatically.  If you need to update this information, click on your member name and select Profile, and then in the top right, click on Edit Profile and in the Member Information section, make any adjustments and click on the Save button.




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How to change your member name

If you have a need to change your member name, please go to the Contact section and create a post to log a request and provide your new preferred member name.  The site administrators can arrange this for you.

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Seeing all new content since your last visit

On a computer: in the top right corner below your member name there is a link called Unread Content.  This will show you all activity since you last visited, across all of the topic areas.


You can choose to see the activity in either a "condensed" or "expanded" view by clicking the icon in the top right of the screen.  They key difference is that the expanded view shows you the comment made, not just the title of the post that has some new content.  See below:


On a mobile device:  first access the menu (3 stripes in top right corner), then select My Activity Streams, then Unread Content.  The condensed or expanded view works as it does for computer, outlined above.


56ac5b402644e_Menustripes.thumb.jpg.dc3c    56ac5d1edf0b6_MyActivityv3.thumb.jpg.4ed  56ac5d3419522_Unreadcontent.thumb.jpg.9d

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Jumping straight to fresh/unread content on a thread

Once you have read a few threads, next time you visit you may notice a big dot next to some post titles.  If you click this dot, it will open the thread and jump to the content you haven't read yet.  This saves you scrolling through the thread to work out where you were up to.  You will also see a black line in the thread showing the cutoff between content you've read before, and content that is new.  


The dot works on computers and mobile devices (although it can be challenging to tap the dot on a small mobile device).

The dots can also be seen in the Unread Content view.


Note that if you want to read the thread from the beginning, just click the post title instead, rather than the dot.

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Seeing specific new content since your last visit 

On a computer, go to the top right and you can view new content that you have either followed or started:


Customizing your Activity menu:  You can make a customized Activity menu, and you can have it show next to the above default options.  To do this you need to create a new activity stream.  

On a computer: click any of the default options, and once it opens, click Edit this stream:


Make your selections and then click Save as New Stream, give it a name and click Create Stream.


To make this custom activity stream to show in your view options, tick the box next to the activity name and you will see it appear in the right side of your screen, alongside the default activity view options.


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How to follow a whole section

This is really useful to be notified of all of the posts in a topic area, such as "Help with Editing" or "The DSLR Bistro" etc.  Some sections will be of interest to you, and others not so much.  To follow the whole topic area, open it up and in the top left there is a gray Follow This button.  Choose your email notification preferences and you will be sent a regular email with the posts, including links.  In this way, you can keep on top of what's happening (in areas of interest to you) without actually visiting the site, unless you want to read more, or ask a question yourself.



How to stop following a whole section or change section notification preferences

Go to the relevant section and click on the gray Following button in the top left corner:


You will then be able to choose less frequent notifications, and then click Update preferences.  You will also see an Unfollow option in the bottom right corner.  To stop following a section altogether, click on Unfollow.



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How to follow a specific post for replies

 If somebody else asks a question and you would like to be notified when it is answered, open up the post and click the Follow This button and choose the frequency of notifications.  This is the only way to follow a post, because you can't comment with "following" or anything to that effect because generally only post authors can reply on a post.  


You will then be asked to select your notification preferences.  Make a choice and click the Follow This button.


To change your post notification preferences for a particular post, open up the post and click the Following button, change the setting and click on Update Preferences.  


To stop following a post, open it up and click the Following button, and there is an option in the bottom right of the drop down box that says Unfollow.


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Follow another member's activity

You can follow another member and be notified of all of their subsequent posts.  Open one of their posts, click on their member name at the top left corner of their post and it will open their member profile.  From there you can follow that member.  


If you do not wish other members to follow you, you can change this in your member settings.  Click on your member name / Profile / Followers section and in the Options drop down arrow, select Don't allow others to follow me.  


Note that even if you stop other members from following you, it is possible for a member to search for all the posts you have made.

To stop following another member:   Open up one of their posts, click their member name hyperlink, and in their member profile, click the green Following member button.  In the pop-up box, click Unfollow


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Sections members can post on

There are only two places where you cannot post a question:

  1. Ask Damien / Questions For The Members - Can You Help
  2. Ask Brian / Land of the Misfit Toys

This is because these sections are comprised of posts that were started in other areas and have been moved there for general member input.  So you can answer on these threads, but not start a new question in this section. 

In all other sections, you can ask a new question.

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How to create a post / ask a question

If you have a question, use the search bar in the top right and check that it hasn't already been covered.  More guidance is above for searching on a mobile device and searching on a computer.

If your question hasn't been covered, go to the topic area relevant to your question and click the Ask new question button, which is in the top right corner. 


Enter the title and body of the post.  Once complete, if you wish to be notified of the response, set the slider switch that says Notify me of replies , underneath the post text.in the bottom left corner.


 Note that if you forget to do this, you can still check on replies to your threads via the Content I Started menu in the top right.  You can also set a permanent automatic notification for all of your threads via a notification setting.  Finally, click the Submit Topic at the bottom of the post.


Be aware that if you post your question in an area and it better belongs somewhere else, Damien or the team may move it, just to keep the information well organized.  So don't worry too much about posting in the wrong place, we can fix it later if need be.  In the below example, a question that was posted in the Miscellaneous section of Ask Damien was shifted to the Help with editing section.  In the old location, you may see a temporary message like this.  It will disappear after 2 days.


You can keep track of any of your moved posts by using the Content I Started link in the top right.  Wherever your posts end up, you can access them from there.

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How to add one or more images to your post

You are encouraged to add images to your posts and in some cases it will be hard for us to answer your question without seeing the image!  Note that you must own the copyright for any images you upload, in line with the site terms and conditions and Copyright laws.

It's a two-step process to add an image:

  1. Upload the image to the library, called the Uploaded images section, found underneath the post body
  2. Insert the image into the post.

 First, click your mouse in the position in the post body where you would like the image to go. 

Then upload your image to the library:  either drag a file to the paperclip section under the post text, or click the "choose files" link to browse for your file on your computer, and upload it.  You should then see the thumbnail of the image in your library.

To insert the image into the post:  click  the + sign in the bottom left of the image thumbnail.  If you forget to click on the + sign, your image will still be added to the post when you submit it, but it will be placed at the very bottom of your post, after the final sentence. 


You can upload multiple files at once, and the thumbnails will appear in your library.  You can then click on the + sign on each image in turn, so they are added to your post in the desired order.

You can place images side by side in the post.  To do this, upload both images into the library, then insert one, add a few keyboard spaces and then insert the other one. 

We recommend that you upload jpg files.

Once you have added an image, you may notice that it's quite small on the post.  This is so threads containing images are easier to scroll through.  When reading posts, if you click once (or tap once if on a mobile device) on any image, it will fill the screen.  To close that enlarged view, click the X in the top right corner.  So don't worry if it appears a little small on your thread.

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Deleting an image in a post (before you have submitted it)

If you upload and place an image in your post, but want to remove it, go to the Uploaded images area at the bottom, find the image and you will see a rubbish bin in the bottom right hand corner of it.  If you click on the bin, the image disappears from your image area, and from the post.   


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Replying on one of your posts / using the Quote function

If you are the author of a post, you are able to reply on it, too.  Some questions may have some ongoing correspondence between you and Damien or his team before you land at the answer.

To reply, just starting typing in the Reply to this topic box at the bottom of your post.


If you want to respond to a specific comment or question from anywhere in the posts in your thread, you can use the Quote function.  Click once so your cursor is in the Reply to this topic box.  Then scroll up and highlight with your mouse the sentence you want to respond to, and a Quote This box appears.  Click on the black Quote this box, and the highlighted sentence will appear in a box, so that it's clear that you are responding to a specific sentence, or part of a sentence.


See below for how the quoted sentence looks in your reply:


Remember, you can only reply on your own questions.  If you are reading someone else's question and have one of your own, please ask a new questionIn this case, it is helpful to include a link to the other person's question in your post.  Just open up the other person's post, copy the URL and paste it in your post body (or add it as a hyperlink if you want).

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How to use Multi-Quote

If you want a number of whole posts to be nested in your new reply, click the + sign next to the Quote function and it will show the tally of how many you are going to add.


Then click the button in the bottom right corner:



All of those posts will be nested inside your reply.

You can also use this to insert quotes from a completely different thread altogether.  Or from multiple different threads.

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Sharing a post

To send a link to the post to an email address, or to share on facebook or google plus, click the Share icon in the top right (the three connected dots icon), then choose where you want it to go.  You can also right click on the highlighted link and select Copy and then paste the link wherever you need it.


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