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Pastel Painting Effect

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I have 2 options, 1 SOOR with very slight adjustments made on the SOOC (not sure what to do, given the uncommon edit) and 1 SOOR with much lower clarity (I like the effect on the sea, not sure if loosing details on the people will make things difficult later on PS).



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Haha, getting close.

I don't intend to replicate her style, just want to learn how to give a painting feeling to a picture,  in order to find a personal way to use this technique.

I am interested to know how you gave that effect to the sea and to the orange and red parts. I guess solid layers at different opacities but would love to know if I am right and the details.

I would like to see more details in the skin and to make it whiter/desaturated (not greeninsh/grayrish like now) and to keep color and some more details in hair and shorts.

Thanks for the help!

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