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Selection Options - Glass of Water on White Background


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I recently watched a video on selection techniques and one of the examples was for selecting a clear glass with liquid in it. They're technique to preserve the transparency went like this:

1. go to the channels palette

2. Cmd (Ctrl on a PC) click on the RGB layer in the channels palette to select the light parts

3. Invert the selection (Select/Inverse)

4. Go back to the layers palette and Cmd+J to put the selection on its own layer

5. Hide the background layer

6. Duplicate the selection layer 1-6 times to build up density of selection

7. Select all the selection layers and merge them into one layer

Would this method be okay as an alternative to the one you suggested on a previous post? Do you see any flaws in it?

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.59.50 PM.png

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Sorry, we can't be fooling around with photos that don't belong to us.  Do you mind taking a photo of your own glass of water against a white background?

4 minutes ago, FidoPhoto said:

Does it matter if it's destructive?

Of course.  If it's destructive, and you mess it up, you have no choice but to start over.  Our goal is always to use sensible methods that can be undone or tweaked at any time, even after closing and re-opening the file.

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This is really important - can you see the difference between your photo and the other one?  Your photo is essentially a light glass on a dark background (whereas the other one was a dark glass on a light background).

This difference dictates what you can do with the image.  Yours can only ever be against a dark background.

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