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Best Way to Change Dress Color


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What's the best way to change the color of the dress to match his shirt better? I'm not particular about how it matches better, but this blue is not my fave :-/
I know there's clipping in her dress. It remains clipped, although only a little, even if I lower the blacks to 0 and increase the shadows to 100. TIA!




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It is a lot of zoomed in masking, I'm afraid.


  1. First, add a Channel Mixer layer, check the "Monochrome" box, and enter 0/+100/0 for the values.  This will make the whole photo black-and-white.
  2. Add the Levels layer above it and clip it to the Channel Mixer layer.  Enter these values:
    Red channel: 0/0.60/230
    Green channel: 0/0.70/230
    Blue channel: 0/0.90/230
  3. At this point, the whole photo is a blue tone.  Click on the mask of the Channel Mixer layer, then Cmd I to invert it to black.
  4. Start the painstaking masking.  Make sure you do this.
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Many thanks! I had tried to colorize with a hue/sat layer, but I thought this might be a job for the channel mixer. I'll post back when I've completed this. I was going to do the whole session if it wasn't too much masking, but I think I'll just do it for the ones I add to my portfolio.

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