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My ugly hand is next to the sweet newborn smile! :(


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Damien! I think that looks great! WAY better! THANK YOU!  Also, sorry for the delay in response, I saw this on my phone last night but couldn't figure out how to reply. I needed to sign in and didn't see that option. LOL. So, what bothered me so much about the edit I did was cloning the white blanket right next to the head and arm was that it lost so much depth of field of the open space and it didn't look real. How in the tarnation did you do that?!  So now what? How does this work when you do an edit for someone? Am I able to now somehow save and use this image for my client? Am I supposed to take a class to learn to do this?  I really am not sure and don't want to make assumptions.  Regardless, many thanks for tackling this! 

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@ShannonJoy, Damien was just waiting to hear if you liked it. :)  Give him a few more hours to wake up (it's like 4am in Brisbane now), and when he sees it, I'm sure he'll upload the PSD file for you to examine.  Of course, he worked on the tiny file you uploaded here, so you wouldn't be able to use it in anything other than a tiny web application -- the whole point is for you to learn how he does things.  He's not taking on paid editing jobs at the moment. :)

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Thank you @Christina Keddie!!! :)Yes, I will wait for him to upload the PSD so I can learn and see what all he did. I have a question for you about where you said, "he worked on the tiny file you uploaded"....are my files too small? :o I am sadly forced to shoot in JPEG right now because my dinosaur Imac won't take RAW from my new D750.  Anyway, thank you for your info. I am planning on taking the classes but I am currently on a 2009 imac and pretty much everything I try to do on here is becoming a challenge until I either clean off my computer and get el capitan or finally invest in a new Mac product. Yikes! Thank you very much! 

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Ok, here goes ...

First, I identified the piece of fabric that seemed most likely to work.  I made a huge selection around it.  It's always important to select more than you need in these cases:


I hit Ctrl J (Cmd J for you) to put that section on its own layer.  Then I immediately went to the Layer menu to make it a Smart Object:


The way the light was falling, I figured I needed it to be the other way around, so I went to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal.  Then Edit>Free Transform (Cmd T) so I could rotate it, so that the fabric was approximately at the angle I needed:


But it wasn't curved enough.  So I went to Edit>Transform>Warp.  And I warped the hell out of it, so that the fabric curved around the line of the elbow in a plausible manner:


Then I lowered the opacity of the layer by half, and moved it into position.  (At this stage I might have also used Free Transform to shrink the whole thing a bit, as well.  I can't quite remember, sorry.):


Then I added a mask and masked it on:


You can see from the above image that it was a bit too bright.  See the bright patch of skin nearest the elbow?

So I added a Hue/Sat layer and lowered the Lightness by roughly half.  I clipped this layer to the fabric layer, then inverted its mask to black, and gently painted the darkness on until it matched plausibly:


I hope this helps.

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