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5d Mark III missing files. Only JPG's recover so far.


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Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is the kind of question that you answer but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I had a three hour newborn session today. Pictures are so cute. I was scrolling through my camera showing the previews of each to the mom before she left. A few minutes later, I went to load them to my computer. The pictures are GONE! The computer didn't see them and now neither does my camera. I went to my local camera shop where they ran the Remo Recover program.  Luckily JPG's were recovered but CR2's were nowhere to be found.  Am I SOL in terms of getting the RAWs recovered, or should I try something else?  Why would one be found but not the other?

It seems (based on responses from a photo forums on FB) that the brand of CF card I got with my camera is garbage.

I don't know if it matters, but I have a 5D Mark III and I was using a Promaster 64gb CF card and no backup SD card.  I have learned my lesson about not using a second card.  Ugg! 

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Thanks for that article.  I actually paid a camera shop for recovery yesterday but was surprised that it only found jps.  They attempted to find CR2s twice and my husband tried once at home. CR2s are gone.  Not sure why.  I am probably SOL in terms of the raws but I thought I'd ask.

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Ditch the card. The Promaster brand is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Inside the CF Card, is a little tiny computer chip which then designates to where the data files end up. In this case, it's image files. If that little CPU chip screws up, your image files are screwed up. It honestly sounds like you were able to get the JPEG Preview files that are contained with in the RAW files. I'm thinking the images were being written to on a faulty card and there is no way in getting the RAW files back.

Fortunately, Sandisk is running a sale on their "Professional Grade" line of cards:


I personally only by Sandisk Extreme and Sandisk Extreme Pro cards. It's just not worth it cheaping out on the most important part of the camera...the friggin' cards! You can get a 32GB card for $50.

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