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Nikon d800 - can't change image size


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Hi all! 

I don't know if anyone can help me or not... 

I recently got my Nikon d800 back from Nikon repair and they've changed all my camera settings. 

I have tried resetting my camera file quality to the large RAW options but can't seem to do this. I can change the image quality to RAW but cannot change the image size to large as the image size option is greyed out (it is stuck on medium size). 

Can anyone let me know if I am doing something wrong? 

Thanks in advance! :-) 

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My understanding is that there aren't image size choices for RAW for Nikon, except for 12 bit or 14 bit compression, which is set in the NEF recording area.  So maybe the medium setting is greyed out because it's not relevant if you are shooting just RAW (?)

You can, however choose to shoot RAW + Jpeg, and you would have the choice of small / medium / large for the Jpegs.

As for changing settings, try pressing the Qual button while turning the rear dial to choose RAW or RAW + Jpeg etc.

Press the Qual button and turn the top dial to change the image size - but as above, this is only applicable for Jpeg or TIFF.

If you've had a factory reset and need to change a bunch of other settings, I found a setup guide here that might be useful.

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Oh. In addition to 12 and 14 bit settings, you can cut (turn off) the megapixels in the camera's sensor which help save space and can speed up shooting. That's how you increase the fps from 5 to 6.5, by putting it in DX mode which creates 16MP images. (I think.) I don't know anyone personally that has done this. Going from 36MP to 24MP, sure. 

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58 minutes ago, Brian said:

Set the camera to JPEG and then change the size. In reality, that setting is for JPEGs. The reason it's greyed out is because you are set to Raw only. 

Chelle shouldn't leave it there though, right? S/he will need to put it back on raw to continue shooting in raw, correct?

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Yes. She should change it back to RAW. I'd honestly switch to JPEG, set it to "Large" or just leave it at "Medium" (which sets it to 24MP) and choose JPEG Fine for the quality. In reality, if she shoots Raw, it doesn't matter what the JPEG is set to. Oh while you are messing with stuff, change the camera to sRGB.

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