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Calibration not working

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My employee (Cara) and I both have the same laptop computer (Dell xps15 with 4K Ultra screen). I have no problems with the colour on my screen, but Cara's are way out. 

Calibration just isn't working (nothing is changing when we calibrate). 

Her colours are a lot darker than mine and oversaturated (a fuscia pink on her screen is neon pink on mine). 

Any ideas on how to fix this as it is a huge problem for us when creating designs/logos. Cara created something yesterday that was amazing on her screen and garish on mine, which means I now have to spend hours fixing all of the colours before we submit it for print. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hmmm ... it's actually quite lucky that the S3E even works on one of the computers.  It's very old tech, and your computers are very new tech.

Have you tried copying the profile from your computer to Cara's?  It's not an actual solution, but if it helped at least to a degree, it would give us some clues as to how to proceed.

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Great.  So copy that, and paste it into the same folder in Cara's computer.  Then restart Cara's computer.

When you've restarted, you should go to the "Color Management" control panel in Windows.  That control panel should open on the "Devices" tab by default, and the "Display" should be the chosen device.  Then you can look down and check that the Spyder profile says "(default)" beside it.

If so, you can start to play with files and see how they look.

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