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Compact Flash won't connect. :(


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I just got a new MacBook Pro 2018 yesterday, its running Mojave, problem I have is I'm trying to connect a Compact Flash card through a card reader and a USB to thunderbolt, and it won't connect.  

Usual way of doing things is from bridge and the get photos from camera button, it worked doing it this way from a USB stick but won't work for the card reader, any suggestions



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1. I don't have another computer

2. tried another adaptor, I don't have another card reader

3. another CF card also won't work

4. I tried a SD card it worked

5.  I get another card reader when I go to town this arvo and see if it works

6. Thanks




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You are looking to purchase a Thunderbolt 3 Dock to get the best performance if you are going to buy something new. Then connect your card reader into one of the USB ports on the Dock. Even though Thunderbolt 3 is supposed to be compatible with Thunderbolt 2, if you are dealing with a 3rd party dock, things may not be 100% future-proof.

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