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Light meter ?


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Hi Brian, 

You recommended L-358, there is newer version out there in form of L-478. I rented L308 U. There is newer version L308X available for that as well. 

looking at the price points as of now, Plain L-478 (not specialized for any flash system) is available $299, L308X-u is for $218. 

For beginner like me, (for someone not going to push limits and do flash duration analysis etc,) does it makes sense to spend extra bucks  and go to 478 ? or just L308X will do ?

Thanks again. 

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The L-358 is the one that I have. It’s been discontinued. 

Any meter will do, though I’m partial to a L-478 due to remote firing capabilities; that said, if you are triggering with a Profoto Air System, it doesn’t matter. I think Sekonic only triggers PocketWizards. Of course, this could have changed, I haven’t looked recently.  

I will say using a meter that can fire off your flash saves lots of time and makes things less complicated overall. 

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