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It had been a while since I oredered prints (Don's Photo) so I gathered all the images I edited in class, about 30 - 4x6's along with  4 -5 x 7 black-and-white test prints for the sharpening class.  I was hugely disappointed with the color; snow scenes have a blue tint and skin tones look green, overall very contrasty and dull, lacking vibrance.  But I have to admit, I was very pleased with the sharpening on my 5x7's and anxious to concentrate more on the Sharpening Class once I get the color error corrected.  I know, I've been foolish to not order regularly but I just kept putting it off.   

Anyway, I spoke with the lab manager and he offered to do a re-print for me.  So, I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive before I recalibrate. But I have to admit, I'm very leary to re-order anything from them if they're not reliable and inconsistent.  In the meantime GTA Imaging out of Toronto (Pro Lab) has accepted my application since I'm not considered a professional photographer and they're closed for the holidays until the New Year at which time I'll send in for test prints.   

Going back to calibration, I currently use the Spyder 5Pro, my monitor is a 24" ASUS Pro Art PA248Q.  LCD monitor but LED backlit  (the LED / LCD is confusing me) and I'm questioning if I should upgrade my calibrator.  I went through all of your calibration tutorials and I can't decide if I should go with the Xrite i1Disply Pro (as it does both LCD and LED) or if I should stay with Spyder (because I'm familar with the brand) and upgrade to the Spyder 5Elite.  

 Curious to hear your thoughts Damien when time allows.


UPDATE:  Since I emailed you this morning, my re-prints were just delivered (YAY!)  Night and day difference, lab screw up I guess.  Attaching a quick cell phone picture (sorry, very poor lighting here at work, re-prints on right).  In real life, I feel the color is spot on to my edited version, anxious to compare in proper lighting to the computer.  However, I am still considering the new lab and a new calibrator.  


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Hi Damien, 

I'm trying to get the paper profiles for Press Cards, Fine Art Giclee Prints, and Photographic Prints from my new lab for soft proofing and I seem to be getting the run-around as they only want to send me the lustre/deep matte or pearl metallic but that's not the finishes I want to order (ie: glossy, watercolor, glossy on silk, etc).  My question is, is the lab not obligated to give the photographer these profiles?  Why wouldn't I want to soft proof the images prior to submitting my order, I'd be foolish not to? 

Thanks in advance.



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