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which computer to buy for CS6

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Hi Brian,

My husband purchased photoshop CS6 for me a few years ago, and it runs great on my current Windows 7 Pro machine (Dell xps something with Intel 7, but per your recommendation we had the 256 GB(?) SSD replaced with a 2TB SSD one).  With my husband retiring, I now need to purchase and set up a second computer in another state, but the requirements vs. advancements in technology just boggle my not-computer-savvy mind!  Plus I've heard it needs to be Windows 7, and ...  I have only used one CS6 installation. 

If you could just recommend a computer to buy that would work with CS6, and send me a link, I'd just order it right away and be soooo relieved!  If it's not that simple, please give me the bad news, lol.

Thanks for always being a great, trusted resource for technical answers for the technically declined...


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Yep. CS6 works fine on Windows 10. As far as a computer, I'd get the latest version of the Dell XPS line, which is the Dell XPS 8930.

As far as Windows 7, Microsoft is killing ALL support for Windows 7 on January 7, 2020. So to be blunt, Microsoft is taking Windows 7 behind the proverbial barn and shooting it dead with a shotgun on that date. Just like it did with Windows XP and Windows Vista. No updates, no fixes to vulnerabilities, etc after Jan 7, 2020.

So I'd budget for a Windows 10 Upgrade for your current computer in addition to a 2nd computer. Or look to purchase two computers. The good news is, I'd keep your current monitor. As to which versions? The "Home" Edition will work for most people, but if you are looking to connect the computers to your job in some capacity, then opt for the Windows Pro version. Heck, I'd just get the Windows 10 Pro version for both and be done with it. It's cheaper to upgrade at the time of purchase than after the fact. $60 vs $100.

Now, I have expensive tastes. So what kind of budget are we looking at?

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