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Favorite fonts

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Sorry there was no category for this topic.   I have over 2000 fonts.   I mark the fonts with the star (it's to be used as favorites but, I use it for what fonts are free) so I know which to place within templates that can be edited otherwise I make a smart object out of them so that they don't get a warning and know that is a premium licenced font.   

My question is ... is there a way to save these (kind of like brushes or what not that the star remains)?    Yes, I save my brushes, my workspace etc.   

Thank you as always !!!! 

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There is a way to favorite them.  BUT I would love to be able to save those that are marked as 'favorite" so that when I reload them (if I ever need to) to have the stars remain.   Those are free fonts that I use in templates and as a reference of where to get them.    I have my actions, brushes etc all saved by date and would love to figure out a way of doing this.   I have googled the crap out of this and the only thing that I can find is to add a plug in or third party app to do so.    I thought with your eminence knowledge you would know of a work around.  


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Wow... I can't believe I stumped you.    PS has enough problems let alone a add on or a plug in for this.    So I suppose I will keep my list and if I ever have to reload it will be a part of the process.   

Thank you for trying though.   I am forever grateful !!!! 

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