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Is this a preset?

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I've tried it every which way and I just cannot figure out how this photographer colors their images! I tried to pick a photo similar to work on I hope this works. Almost all of this photographers outdoor family sessions have this beautiful coloring. Goldeny peachy skin tones with I THINK a blueish shadow? Sometimes even pinkish highlights... if you scroll through their photos there are millions with these colorings that I just can't replicate! Do you think they are presets?

 I've tried level, color balance, youtube tutorials, lightroom color adjustments... I just can't figure this out! Especially the skin tones get messed up when I try it, but I don't think she is masking it over only certain areas... 

Help me obi-wan-damien! you're my only hope! :) Thanks!! 


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wow! Well it's way closer than I've been getting!
I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. Now I'm trying again in SRGB and my results are getting much much closer. 
Still trying to figure out the deep rich greens. And maybe I just suck at lighting but I can never make the skin look so creamy. 

Thanks Damien! This is 10 billion times better than the mess I was making... 

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Here's a suggestion for your playing:

Add two Hue/Saturation layers to your photo.  For the top one, simply move the Lightness slider on the Master channel to about +10.

Then on the bottom one, change its blend mode to "Hard Light".  Then start playing with the sliders.  Play play play.  Play with the sliders on the Master channel first, then tweak the individual colour channels after that.

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Thanks! Wow. So when I make a selective color adjustment layer is that different than the hue/saturation layer? Because your way gives me way more control. Now I have 20 images open and going crazy lol. 

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