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CCleaner upgrade?

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Hi Brian - I've been running the free version of CCleaner ever since you guys recommended it. Do you think either the professional or the professional bundle versions would be that much better? ANd if I just use the free version - should I be defragging my computer my self as well? Thanks!



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I personally have never purchased the upgraded CCLeaner versions and have always used the free version. I am particular on who I download the free version from, since the free versions sometimes get laced with malware. 

I guess my answer is, if you need the extra “stuff” that the other versions provide, I’d go with the Pro Bundle for $30. I’m not sure how much more space will be cleared with a Pro Version either. Honestly, nothing beats a larger HD. So if you have say...a 250GB SSD HD as your main drive, take that $30 and put it towards a 1TB HD or even a 500GB HD. 

Speaking of hard drives in regards to defragmentation...

Never-Ever-Ever run defrag on a SSD Drive!! Doing so will permanently damage a SSD drive. 

If you have a traditional (spinning platter / 5400RPM or 7200RPM) hard drive, then Defragging it when you install or uninstall lots of software or every few months or so is fine. I have never personally seen that much space recovered from running defrag. Maybe a megabyte or to, if that...and I’m pulling this out of my magic hat. What Deftag really does is just organize stuff at a basic level so your HD is more efficient. That’s it. Forget about any major “space” recovered from a defrag. 

Homestly, it sounds to me like you need a bigger HD.

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