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Enhancing studio background


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Hi , 
Looking to pick your brain with some advise + creative cool idea.

I've shot some studio pictures (high fashion style) vs gray and brown backdrop.
The gray background was easy to manipulate (Attached before and after examples) in order to add some "wow / punch" to the image .

For the brown background I wasn't sure what I could do to add some cooler/better effect . I tried using some textures (add 3 textures with soft light blending mode and 25% opacity ) but I don't think its "wow" enough.

The model was colored with bronze makeup and the image is after raw and levels .

I was wondering If I could pick your brain with your better richer experience and get advise what can be done with this image .

Original :


After edit :



The gray edit I did + original

zohar_gray_without_bg.thumb.jpg.f7b5d3dc7b4c815e22a9b8a1d64cb3e7.jpg zoahr_gray_withbg.thumb.jpg.988e9bf8aa53610dd0307a9b1023fdb5.jpg 

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1 hour ago, Damien Symonds said:

Sorry mate, this is out of my league.  I love what you chose for these photos; and I can't think of anything better.

Not sure why , I don't feel like the brown texture works.
Was worth a try.

I need to find some time and re upload some images for levels , I feel like I'm doing bad selection and too much work on things that should be simple

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