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How to output the PSDs for clients ?

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Hi , 
So far till today I've shot edited and exported my files to online media , so I exported my files to 2000px LE from Photoshop.
Now I did a photoshoot for a family , retouched the files and I want to send them for the family (they will decide if to print to upload to online media).
What export settings should I use for sending them the edited PSDs ? If I use regular Save As Jpg the image is less sharpened that if I use Export As (Jpeg).

What would be the best thing to do ?

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7 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

Yep, the link will show you that.

What I don't understand is , if I crop without deleting the pixels (its an option on PS) ,  than I do I need to save a PSD for each export ? 

I just "crop" back to original ratio and nothing get lost.


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13 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

You don't need to save a PSD on export, period.

Damien , 

I don't explain myself well , I'll try again, I work on PSD , the end result I send as JPGs (used to send PNG but changed to JPG) .
Till today , I always exported images for social media (FB/IG) so I had resized my pictures to 2048px long edge or 1350px (depends if FB or IG).
Now , I want to send my client the family photos I retouched , My question was , what will be the best settings/way to send him the images :

Here are the options I know about :

1. PSD -> Save As (Jpeg)  -> Jpeg (quality 12)

2. PSD -> Export As -> 

3. After retouching all PSDs , I go back to Bridge and use : Tools -> Photoshop -> Image Processor ->  on all PSDs to create JPGs :


4. Save for Web... (Which I don't think is relevant for this case)

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