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Star Rating not working

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I am having an issue with the star rating and labels no longer functioning in Bridge CC 2019. I have been using this function without any issue's, not sure if an update has caused the problem.  I can no longer use the star rating on my images by pressing a 1-5 number, using the mouse over the star rating in the raw image or using the label tab.  I have checked adobe for a fix and added the scripts as advised, this hasn't worked.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled bridge and photoshop and still have no ratings and labels.

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An update,  Loaded earlier version of Bridge CC 9.0 instead if 9.01and still has not fixed the problem.  I can rate one image through the Lable menu then the rest of the images are read-only. adobe is of no help.  I should have never updated from CS5, never had any issues at all.


going to try Bridge CC 2018

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