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Duplicate image in camera raw

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Hi Damien!  In LR, if I want to crop the image differently of the same image, I was able to duplicate the image and crop it.  Is there any way to duplicate the image in ACR?   

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I used to use LR to show my clients their proofs.  Here is what I am planning to do using ACR.

1) 1 star for my favorite images and adjust white balance and exposure and crop them

2) clients view them in the full screen mode and hit 2 for their favorites.  I show them their favorite similar images and they narrow down by hitting 3 for the images they want to order  

3) When I am ready to edit, I select all the images with 3 stars and reset the crop and synchronize them. Then I open the images in the PS to edit and save as psd. Flatten and crop and save as jpg. 

Please let me know if you have any advice to improve my workflow, thanks!

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H Damien!  This is the first time that I am trying to export the proofs to show the images online.  How do I do that as I don't see anything under Export Panel...



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