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Best way to cut out

Amy Marks

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I know this won't be easy or may not be possible but what is the best method to either cut this dog out or apply a different background? I'd like to try a white background.

Thanks :)


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Yes sure, looks great! I figured I could sharpen up the dog etc. afterwards. Also if i learn using this dog i can apply it to any dog and hopefully it would be easier :-)

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Ok, here's my layers panel:


First, I added the Hue/Saturation layer.  This is going to sound a little crazy, but go to every channel in the Hue/Sat dialog (Reds, Yellows, Greens, etc) and pull the Lightness slider all the way to +100 for each one.  Don't do it on the Master channel, though.  That will make the photo black-and-white, and lighten the background as much as possible.

It also makes the dog's tongue too light and desaturated, so mask strongly on the nose/mouth area, and lightly over the fur on the chest, to your taste.  I hope you can see what I mean from the thumbnail in my screenshot.

Next, add a Levels layer.  Pull the white slider in aggressively, to blow out as much background as possible.  And fiddle with the middle slider a bit.  I used 0.80 for the middle slider and 195 for the white slider.

Next, add a white Solid Color layer on top.  Invert its mask to black, then start painting white where you want white.  Use your best judgement for the shadow - I painted over the shadow with a 10% brush a bit, to make it a bit less strong.  You'll know what you like best.

At this point I returned to the Background layer and made a new blank layer above it, for cloning.  That was to get rid of some of the stones on the ground, that I couldn't paint out with white.  Again, this will be to your taste.

Then return to the top layer.  At this point, pour yourself a stiff drink, because you're going to be zooming WAY in and carefully masking around the fur for the bits of background that couldn't be made white by the Levels adjustment.  I did a few easy parts, but as you can see, I left the hard parts.

This will take you a while.  But it'll be worth it!  I can't wait to see what you achieve.

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Wow, thanks Damien, i will try my best today. Have a midwife appointment and a few other bits and bobs going on but I'm keen to try it!

At least you'll be going to bed soon so i have all day to attempt it!

Thanks for your help and ill post an update as soon as i can :)

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