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Save for Web Action funny border

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I have downloaded and customized your save for web action (Thank you!!) and I ran it (variable watermark, no border).  My image has a white border down the sides of it.  Can you help me troubleshoot and get rid of the white border?  I guess it has something to do with my image size.  I picked not to crop and used 960 and 960 in the image size dialog box.  Thank you for all your help!



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Ok.  So I *think* I have an explanation:  When my image is resized to 960 on the long side, the short side is only 640 pixels.  My canvas size for the watermark is 696 pixels on the long side, making it a little bit too long, hence the white border on the long sides.  I changed my canvas side to 613 (chosen only because it was the short side of my measurements) and re-ran the action.  It seems to work fine and I can't see anything funny.  The watermark and photo look fine.  I'm wondering if you know how this might effect the image/watermark?

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Not sure, I just took a photo that I had resized for web that had my watermark on it.  I used the exact steps that you laid out in the instructions.  The image I used to measure did not have a huge watermark on it.  So maybe I didn't use the same image size that I went with in the action??  I'm going to have to go back and find the particular photo I used.  When I typed the canvas size for the watermark I didn't realize that the short side of a 960pixel image would be smaller than 696pixels. (I'm terrible with numbers!)  I'm learning a lot.  


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Ok.  The answer is even worse.  I'm so sorry to have wasted your time, but maybe someone can learn from my really dumb mistake!  I found the pic that I used to measure my watermark.  The image size is the same as the action (960 pixels), but I made an error when I measured.  Instead of using the bounding box numbers I quickly jotted down the xy location numbers from the info panel.  Because I don't have a lot of experience (and I was simply following steps rather than using ANY  critical thinking skills), I didn't question that my watermark was 613x696, when in reality it is 322x119.  Thank you again for your time.  I will go back and input the correct numbers in the canvas size step!

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