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confirmation on resolving power, for real or cheating?


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Brian, i've shoot coming up and its going to be in indoor light condition. In the rental shop, guy was singing praises of sony camera for low light performance and how it'll help my scenario. It was available for rent along with lens without breaking bank, i thought i'll give try as back up option. 

My D750 with Sigma 35 mm 1.4 and nikon 50 mm 1.4 G, same size sensor, i end up getting 27 MB files, when i put 70-200 Em, i end up touching 30 MB sometimes. 

When i took some test shots, A7III with Sony Zeiss 50 mm 1.4 and 35 mm 1.4 .. with 24 MP sensor, i ended up having more than 45 MB Raw file consistently. 

Is this truly insane resolution power ? of sensor glass together ? or Sony cheating somehow ?

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No. If you are shooting RAW, it's probably a bit-depth setting somewhere. 14-Bit Compressed, vs Un-Compressed or even Lossless will produce different results. I'd check the settings before jumping to conclusions. As for the file size difference with the 70-200, I'm not sure about that one. It might be due to the extra info contained within the Raw file when you have a VR Mode turned on but this is a complete guess on my part. I almost never use compression on my stuff, in fact my normal Raw mode is 12-bit Uncompressed.

So I would set your D750 to 12-bit uncompressed and take a few test shots. If the file-size stays consistent, then it's the compression algorithms that are changing things. 

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