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How can I fix bad lipstick ?


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Hi , 
Retouching an image , the lipstick is very bad , how can I fix it ? 
I don't mind having redrawing it in anyu color... I just want it to look better than it looks now.


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15 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

How did you go, @Eran?

Didn't continue with this yet , We are in holidays now , I'm trying to divide the time between Passover (Jewish holiday) , work , advanced levels class and some previous obligations I had regarding retouch from TFP I had...

I'm sharing what I worked on today (it was made for IG) , Used channel mixer , handyman and some other methods I've learned.

It might look a little bit over sharpened (because when you view it at 1080 x 1350 in IG it looks very good) , skin was a little bit challenge , hope I nailed it (worked on image around 4 hours)



done :





delivered to model (cropped for IG ) :





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