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Help with Editing Laptop

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What kinds of video are you editing? How long will the videos be? I agree with everything in the article that you linked to and I will say, $1000 is really pushing it. Honestly, I'd save up more money if you can. Traditionally, Mac Laptops have the best time with editing video and video editing software seems to run better on them. (Adobe Premier, etc.) Speaking of software, what video editing software will you be running? What sort of plug-ins will you be using?

One more thing. A LOT of those laptops do not have large hard drives installed, so you will have to figure in the cost of external hard drives to store your videos, have enough space for cache to edit said videos, etc. So that will increase your budget automatically. A realistic budget for a laptop to edit video really starts around the $2000 mark. Laptop + Peripherals. Out of all the things that you need to pay attention to besides the HD capacity to work with is the RAM. It's just not the video software, it's the plug-ins that usually eat RAM. So keep that in mind as well.

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When it comes to editing video, Apple products have an edge over Windows. The reason is the lack of hardware choices. Adobe only has to worry about 10 or so different video cards and other drivers, so it makes programming A LOT easier. With a Windows computer, there are hundreds of video cards out there and countless motherboard options, so programs like Adobe Premier usually aren't as efficient on a Windows machine. This guy spent $10,000+ on the best Windows computer that money could buy, and his friends and counterparts who had Macs had better results when compiling / exporting video, and spent less money on a computer system.

Anyway, give this video a watch to see what I'm talking about.

Now, if you are just editing simple home-movies or 30 second clips to YouTube / Your Website / Social Media or editing Drone footage, then a $2000-ish laptop should work just fine. If you are doing ANYTHING that involves a client...time is money and you'd be better suited to save up more money. Buy it Right and Buy it Once and all that. When it comes to editing video, the phrase, "This ________ for $999 is just a good as..."

No it isn't. "Just as good as..." is not part of your vocabulary when it comes to editing video. :)


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