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Uploading photos to Squarespace.

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I have a Squarespace website and wish to add my photography photos to it. I have looked up the image size - the maximum width should be 1500px and the height changes relative to the width to
preserve the aspect ratio. Squarespace also mentions that when you upload your image it creates seven versions of that image at different widths. I am quite confused and was hoping to use your action to place my watermark and get the images ready for the web. Please help!

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Yes, you sure can.  Before setting up the action, resize one of your photos to 1500 pixels wide, then put your logo on it, and take the measurements, blah blah blah, exactly as I've instructed.

The only peculiar thing you have to do is this:  When you get to the Fit Image step, enter 1500 for the width and something outrageously big for the height:


This will ensure that every photo is 1500 wide, regardless of shape or orientation.

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Probably being silly but when i choose Image, Image size there is no option to reduce the size by reducing the pixels, for example i want an image 1000px x 1000px. Would I use the crop tool and crop it to whatever size? I get confused by this.


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 23.21.23.png

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