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Can I ask for some advice?  Maybe you can help.

When I used LR I had no idea what I was doing but felt I produced more creative (but rubbish) images than I do currently.  I used lots of presents and would change sliders randomly to see if I liked the overall look they made - without having a clue what they actually did.  My ultimate aim is to create technically excellent photographs with a clean edit and finished with an artistic flair - or at least a defined 'style'.

I feel like I'm in a photographic rut.  I know the style of photographs I like but can't seem to get there myself.  I'm not tempted to go back to being ignorant and want to push ahead but I'm almost scared of breaking out of the clean editing style I've learnt through your classes.  Any pearls of wisdom?  I am a creative by nature but also out of practice.  Do you think learning to imitate a style is the way forward? I'm spending more time behind my camera which is a start but its the 'vision' and creative editing I'm missing.  I've looked at online workshops by other photographers but hope you don't mind me asking for your thoughts before I head on down that road.


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Gee, my classes aren't designed to stop you being creative!!!!  They're to give you consistent clean edits every time, so that the creative editing you apply afterwards is also consistent and controllable.

Yes, imitating is perfectly fine.

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Thanks. I hope I didn't appear critical - your classes are amazing!  I just get to the end of the 'clean' edit process and feel like I don't know what to do next to get closer to where I'd like my images to be.

I guess I need to explore other people's editing styles and maybe that will help steer me towards my own.  At least then I can identify if it's just my in camera skills that are letting my work down - or whether there are editing techniques playing a strong part in achieving the styles that draw me in. 

I'm flying solo again at the moment - hence the dip in posts.

Advanced Levels is in the diary for September when we should be a family of 4 again :)  

Thanks for your feedback as always.

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