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Too much red

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I've always had too much red in my screen vs my prints.   When I went to check Calibration this morning I was wondering.   I use Spyder 4 pro and my prints match (well with the exceptions of the reds / pinks).   They are too strong vs my prints.   Can I after recal go in and lower the reds on my monitor?????  Other than the reds I match spot on.  

Dell U2414H

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Unfortunately the Spyder4Pro does not play nice when you attempt to manually adjust your monitor (ask me how i know lol). 

Where are you noticing the problem with the reds and pinks? Is it only certain shades? Can you post an example of an image that has printed incorrectly? 

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That's what I thought.... I am just going to have to remember to saturate the pinks and reds more when it comes to any of the nature images.   I even tried different labs (of course different results).  WHCC is pretty consistent for me other than this pink issue.  
Thank you once again for your time and thoughts  Damien.    Have a GREAT weekend !!!!!

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