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Photo Restoration IBM s/370 project - 50 yrs

Linda Sutton

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Hello Damien,

This is my first ever attempt to colourize a B&W photo and I'm not sure if my approach to doing it is correct and would appreciate your assessment of my progress so far.

This image that was likely scanned from a B&W photograph taken circa 1971. I'm working on a project to edit some of these old photos from my career in IT and have an album made to distribute to colleagues.  

I doubt whether I could get a higher resolution copy of this as the photographer is unknown; the person in the photo is a personal friend.

For each colour, I created a levels layer of the selection, then clipped a solid colour layer to it (screenshot attached).  It still looks a bit fake to me (especially the sweater), but I realize there are not many pixels to work with.  Is there anything you would recommend adding/removing to improve it?   

Appreciate your comments! Thank you! 




Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 10.34.28.png

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I left it basically as posted. I did use blend modes and advanced levels on it sections of it but I still need to clean up the edges of the sweater. I have a few very old scanned photos that I colorized that came out not too bad, and a few colored ones that look quite good considering the small file size. Thanks for your advice!

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