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Mr. Orlando L. Morales

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Hi, I own a Spyder 5 PRO MQA which I use to calibrate My Mac desktop.  It is equipped OS Mojave Version 10.14.6.  today I attempted to calibrate the monitor on two occasions and the Spyder calibration software suddenly and unexpectedly quit on me.  Can you help me two solve this problem, I'm thinking that my existing Spyder software may not be compatible with my computers OS latest upgrade.


thank you so much

Orlando L. Morales

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Make sure you have the Spyder5 Pro latest version 5.3.

There could also be a couple of issues with your Security and Privacy Settings. Head to the Gear Icon on the Dock Bar, and then look at the top row, towards the right for "Security & Privacy," the icon will look like a little house. To make changes, click the Padlock in the lower left corner, and type in your Admin / Account Password. The Padlock should unlock.

Things to look for...

  1. On the General Tab, towards the bottom, make sure that "App Store and Identified Developers" is selected. The default is "App Store Only."
  2. Under the Privacy Tab, in the right section titled, "Allow the apps below to control your computer," you might have to add the Spyder5 Pro software in the list. Click the + button and find the Spyder5 Pro Software then add it to the list.
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