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Moiré on man's shirt.


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Hello Damien,

This is my first time posting here. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. 

Here's a 100% crop of a section of a thin striped (yes - I've read your article now!) shirt. There's quite a lot of bulky rainbow moire'.
Yes, it appears when zoomed in at 100% in PS before photoshop editing. Yes, it does appear in camera (pre-import). (FML)!
This file has had some basic RAW adjustments with no change to the RAW sharpening - it is straight out of RAW.

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.


Ask Damien Moire' crop IMG_3348.jpg

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6 minutes ago, Sarah_ said:

Oh my goodness -  that's amazing! Thank you so much!

You're welcome.  Glad you like it.

6 minutes ago, Sarah_ said:

Will this fix work on any colour shirt

Alas, no, it's very much a photo-by-photo approach.

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