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Spyder X Pro - should I upgrade?


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Hi Damien, I already have Spyder 4 Pro, I was wondering if the new Spyder X Pro offers better performance than the older model and is it worth it to upgrade to the new Spyder X Pro?

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The only reason to upgrade to a SpyderX Pro is only a few things:

  1. You have upgraded your monitor and the LED Technology isn't compatible with your Spyder4 Calibration Tool
  2. The Calibration software isn't compatible with a new Operating System and has been orphaned (no updates available) by the manufacturer.

As time goes on, Operating Systems are going to drop support for 32-bit applications, and will require 64-bit only software. The new MacOS that is next in line will be 64-bit software only and as far as Windows goes, it still supports 32 bit applications for now. That said, give it time. This isn't the first time that this has happened, as Windows pushed users from 16 bit software to 32 bit years ago and have gradually encouraged 64-bit.

As Damien mentioned above, if your screen matches your prints, don't fix what ain't broke. ;)

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