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Focus stacking

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My new camera, Canon EOS RP, has an in camera facility which can automatically create a 'stack' of photos starting from an initial focus point,  through the image until the set number of pictures has been taken.  This is done to increase the depth of field on mainly, but not solely, macro images.  Photoshop does an ok job of stacking the images together but I'm currently trialling software from Helicon and it seems to do a much better job.  The only issue I have is that the current Helicon software does not accept my cr3 raw files.  I can create a tiff file from the rendered , stacked images which I batch converted to tiff files from cr3 files in photoshop's image processor

I'm unsure about the quality of tiff files vs cr3 files and want to know if the rendered tiff file is a good quality file to use for editing in photoshop? 

I hope I've explained that well enough

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