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New MBP purchase.


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Hi! I’m buying a new MacbookPro, and am wonder if the 32 gb of ram option is overkill? Is 16 fast enough to run LR and PS together? I currently have 8 on my old MBP and it’s pretty slow now. Thanks!

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New MBP...you can't upgrade the RAM after the fact as it's soldered to the motherboard. I'm currently running 64GB of RAM in my 2017 iMac. With today's modern cameras, especially ones that are 24MP or greater, 32GB is not overkill any longer. In fact 16GB is the bare minimum that I recommended today and 32GB is the recommended amount. Today's 16/32GB is yesterdays 4/8GB or 8/16GB.

Here is a MacBook Pro that I would configure if I felt like spending $3600 on a laptop,  which is insane amount of money to spend on a laptop, in my humble opinion.

Start with the 15" MBP $2799 version and upgrade stuff: 

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 10.29.48 AM.png


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