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Colour Space to Edit In - Ps6 Bridge LrClassic,

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Hi Damien,
Switching from LR to PS6 and ACR.  
I am working on Dell 2716D and iMac Pro 2017 monitors.  Both calibrated again this morning.  (The iMac Pro is still the brightest and clearest, however I am primarily going off the Dell)
I have a shoot of Farmland.  Scenic bushland and escarpments.  
Colour Space is my issue.  Currently both ACR (first screenshot here) is in ProPhoto RGB and Ps6 (second image that is black) is ProPhoto RGB.
I was of the belief that you did want to 

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Hi Damien,
I have an urgent shoot to complete today.  I tried to edit in Bridge, Ps6 and ACR but due to my 'newness' I am struggling.  I will continue this shoot only today in Lightroom classic.
My move to Ps6, Bridge,  ACR will be from tomorrow on.
My question is about Colour Space and what I should be working 'in'.  Not exporting out to.   I have read what you wrote about using sRGB to edit in.  However, I have had some conflicting information and would like to post it here verbatim, below.  I am confused and struggling.

"Adobe RGB was designed especially for editing on RGB monitor screens while preserving best colour for print output. Definitely the best for use in editing and archiving original photographic images.

sRGB was created specifically for internet screen use. It is only for output for use on lots of other people's screens - so it's best for social media and website use. Use it ONLY when exporting for this purpose, not for editing in or for printing.

...Editing in sRGB is popular because it's a hassle-free way to work if your photos are only ever going to exist on computer screens. If they're being printed, then it becomes a problem, and if they're being printed or published in a CMYK colour format, then it's a more serious problem."

Damien, await your reply and clarification.  

I have a Mac desktop running iOS High Sierra and Photoshop Ps6. It is under 2 years old, and has 32GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 392GB free out of 1GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I have never run a cleanup program.  392GB available of 1TB.  Calibration completed twice yesterday. Spyder Pro 5.  Version 5.3

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The thing about editing in sRGB is, it's difficult.  It's much easier to edit in a big colour space and pretend that real-world issues like colour blowouts don't exist.

But they DO exist of course, and they bite you on the ass when you actually go to output your images, either in print or elsewhere.

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