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I still have maintained PS cc and LR cc on subscription, however I have never used. Yes, wasted money monthly, big time.

Before I dump the Adobe PS CC and LR CC package subscription, I would like to ask one more time (solely incase your views have changed and/or in relation to the newer OS.  
I have remained on High Sierra and not upgraded to the free upgrades as I believe they use 64 bit and there is issues with running PS6.

Can you tell me if your or Brian's views have changed in this regard?  Can/should I dump the Adobe Subscription of cc or befriend it.


Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 9.10.17 pm.png

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I have used PS6  and ACR to edit my images for the last three shoots, without any interaction with Lightroom.  
I have not noticed anything different with PS6 but I use it in, still, a very basic way.  Referring to tutorials.   This is where my question stems from as I still feel like a novice with regard to PS.  It is not obvious to me any changes with PS6 at this stage.  

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